Latest fiction title

Latest fiction title

Review of the month – April: “I want to say how much I enjoyed your book, I have recommended it to a number of friends. I found it fascinating and just wanted to keep reading, something which does not happen often when I am reading books these days.”

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Published in October 2016 this timely and highly topical fiction novel is packed with well researched facts about events leading to the division of Cyprus. Good holiday reading if you are going to Cyprus, and an engaging story if you are interested in conflict fiction, have lived in Cyprus or served with HM Forces or with the United Nations peacekeeping forces.

The initial chapter describes an incident in Athens in 2013. Thereafter the story unfolds chronologically from 1930’s Cyprus, seeking to place the tragic 2013 event into context. A friendship between George – a British Civil Servant – and Stavros – a ‘native’ Clerk for the British Administration – sets the story rolling.  The destinies of Greek speaking, Turkish speaking and British inhabitants of Cyprus – including descendants and friends of George and Stavros – are shaped and determined by personal and historical events that engulf the once-peaceful island. 

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